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Changes to our Foodbank


Support our foodbank:

We have been running food services at KTCC since January 2019. We are committed to offering services that fit the needs of the community. So, after talking to local people we are changing the way we run our food service.


From January we are bringing in a new service: The Last Week Project.

The Last Week Project allows local people to access our in-house foodbank during the last full week of each month. Anyone wishing to use the service just needs to register as a member and call us in advance to book a slot. This project support people who experience food hardship that often occur at the end of month when finances get tighter. For more information, please email

We are still happy to provide foodbank vouchers for the Trussell Trust foodbanks across Camden. Please call in advance so we have time to prepare your voucher.

Our number is 020 748 2321. 

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