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What is the Kentish Town Arts Club?
The Kentish Town Arts Club is a collection of art based classes and events taking place at Kentish Town Community Centre, and in time across the wider community. The majority of activities will be free. Using creativity, we aim to bring people together to share skills, interests and ideas.
Who is it for?​
The Kentish Town Arts Club is open to anyone looking to develop their creative skills or are interested in experiencing something different . On the whole are not limiting this to any age group, everyone is invited, though we may have some paid-for events which are licensed and will only be open to adults.
What is our initial plan?
We will officially launch the Kentish Town Arts Club on 31st January 2020, with a free acoustic evening called 'Bin the Winter Blues'.  We will use the event to help us steer the direction of the Kentish Town Arts Clubs which initially will take the form of events which will take place on the last Friday of the month at Kentish Town Community Centre.
How is the project funded?
The Kentish Town Arts club will initially be funded by Kentish Town Community Centre as part of the organisations commitment to ‘Serving our community’ and ‘Allowing people to flourish’.
To ensure Kentish Town Arts Club is sustainable we will be seeking grant funding and will be asking for donations for the activities and events we run. To  reduce any risks  we will start small and develop the ideas with local people so we don’t commit to a project that’s not needed.

For more information on events, submissions and FAQs, please visit

Twitter @ kentishtownarts

Instagram #kentishtownartsclub

Facebook / kentish town arts club

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