KTCC is run by a small, but mighty team of paid staff and wonderful volunteers who include...

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Sarah Hoyle, Centre Manager 

Sarah has been running community projects for over 10 years. She started at KTCC in November 2017 and has since lead the organisation with the core values of Allowing people to flourish, Serving our community and Enabling people to feel safe. Sarah is the safeguarding lead for KTCC and has overall responsibility for staff and visitor well-being



email: centre.manager@ktcc.org.uk

Jamie Weight, Youth Service Projects Manager 

Jamie joined the team in June 2019. Jamie has lead his team to achieve London Youth Gold, through innovative young people lead projects and practises. Jamie leads a team of 5 youth workers. 

email: youth@ktcc.org.uk

Other key members of our team 

Tom Menear - Booking Coordinator (bookings@ktcc.org.uk)

Erin Bowden - Older Peoples Project Administrator (projects@ktcc.org.uk) supported by Alice Morgan 

Adam Brown - Food Hub Projects Coordinator  (food@ktcc.org.uk)

Abiola Ogunsola - Finance Officer (finance@ktcc.org.uk)

Alice Richardson- Advice Coordinator ( advice@ktcc.org.uk)

Our Trustees 

Margaret Harvey - Interim Chair and Safeguarding Lead

Catherine Hays -Leads on  bookings and community engagement 

Robert Littleton- Leads on data and capturing social value 

Jo Lynch - Leads on NHS Partnerships and Social Prescribing 

Matt Sanders - Leads on innovative fundraising projects