The Happiness Hamper Project: our emergency response to COVID19

What is the project?

This is a partnership project with Kentish Town Community Centre (KTCC) and our 4 local primary schools: Torriano, Brecknock, St Kentish Town CoE & Patricks Catholic School.

This is how it works:

1. KTCC raises the funds for the project

2. The school, knowing the needs of their children, decide on the food that will go into the hampers and who will receive the hampers

3. KTCC pays for the food and any ancillary costs*

4. The schools create and distribute the food

*We go to Booker Cash and Carry to get our food. The team at Booker are really supportive and make sure we can access the food we need.

Who benefits from this project?

Around 200 families living in the Kentish Town area are due to benefit from this project, but we know the numbers will rise over time. The families we are supporting are at risk of falling into food poverty because one or both of their parents may have lost their job as a result of COVID19.

· These families may have never claimed any sort of benefit before, but suddenly have no income

· These families may never have accessed a food bank before and feel there is stigma in doing so

· The family environment may be tense and stressful because of a sudden lack of income

· These families, without help, may get into debt and risk becoming homeless if not supported.

The project in numbers

· 213 families form the first wave of the Happiness Hampers project

· Every two weeks the schools go with KTCC to Booker to get the food

· Each school has a budget of £350 which to buy food, sometimes this is more

· Each shopping trip costs around £1,500

· There are around 10 items in a Happiness Hamper. Items vary from rice and lentils to cake and jams

· Every two weeks the families selected by the schools get a Happiness Hampers

….Subject to funding our intention is to run this project until September.

This will mean:

At least 2,130 Hampers will be produced. The total food budget will come to at least £15,000

Each family will get minimum of 10 hampers. They will also get priority use of the KTCC foodbank and support services.

Anything else?

Yes, KTCC is applying for funding to offer debt advice and enhance our free legal service. We will also be working with partners to deliver better mental health workshops for all local residents.

In addition to the grant funding we have received, we have set up an online fundraiser: